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Welcome to Lahore Regional activities area.

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Recently added Audios & Videos

DownloadListenInqalabi Jama'at Ki Tayyari (Surah Jumah Ki Roshni Mein) *Newmp331 - Khitab-e-Jumah 201712.23 MB:53
DownloadListen2017-07-21 In the light of Surah Al-Hujurat *Newmp331 - Khitab-e-Jumah 20176.23 MB:44
DownloadListen032 Mujay Hay Hukm-e-Azaan-2017-07-17 *Newmp3Mujay Hay Hukm-e-Azaan0.18 MB:16
DownloadListen032 Mujay Hay Hukm-e-Azaan-2017-07-17 *Newmp4Mujay Hay Hukm-e-Azaan35.17 MB:16
DownloadListen2017-07-15 The success of the freedom movement in Occupied Kashmir is firmly and conclusively linked with the establishment of the Islamic System of Social Justice in Pakistan. *Newmp4Policy Statement18.49 MB:09
DownloadListen2017-07-14 Surah Hajj last two Aayat *Newmp331 - Khitab-e-Jumah 20176.38 MB:45
DownloadListen066 Zamana Gawah Hai - july 13, 2017 (Ep:66) *Newmp3Zamana Gawah Hai 20169.93 MB:43
DownloadListen066 Zamana Gawah Hai - july 13, 2017 (Ep:66) *Newmp4Zamana Gawah Hai 2016106.14 MB:43
DownloadListen98-Surah Al-Qadar 1 to An-Naas 6 *NewMP304 - Tazkeer ul Quran12.18 MB51:54
DownloadListen97-Surah Al-Fajar 1 to Al-Alaq 19 *NewMP304 - Tazkeer ul Quran11.25 MB47:57
DownloadListen96-Surah Atakveer 1 to Al-Ghashiya 26 *NewMP304 - Tazkeer ul Quran10.77 MB45:55
DownloadListen95-Surah Ad-Dahar 1 to Abas 42 *NewMP304 - Tazkeer ul Quran10.57 MB45:03
DownloadListen94-Surah Al-Jinn 16 to Al-Qiyamah 40 *NewMP304 - Tazkeer ul Quran10.94 MB46:37
DownloadListen93-Surah Al-Qalam 34 to Al-Jinn 15 *NewMP304 - Tazkeer ul Quran11.64 MB49:36
DownloadListen92-Surah At-Talaaq 4 to Al-Qalam 33 *NewMP304 - Tazkeer ul Quran11.73 MB49:59
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